Does Suboxone Really Work? A Personal Testimonial

Does Suboxone WorkMy name is Jason and before taking Suboxone I was addicted to oxycontin and heroin for over 3 years. I started out using oxycontin and eventually started using heroin as it was a bit cheaper and I could get a better high. Before I knew it I went from using heroin on the weekends to once every other day to every day and then to several times a day until I became a full blown addict and had to have it in order to function with my daily tasks. I couldn’t hang out with friends, family, or even go to work unless I was high. I soon realized that I had a serious problem and I needed help. I was sick of waking up every morning feeling like hell and having heroin on my mind until I could get high.

I first tried to quit by tapering off on heroin and then taking small amounts of oxycontin but I had no success because when I would finally quit, the withdrawal symptoms were to harsh that I had to continue using to ease the pain and would eventually go back to my regular dose ($50 a day – 1/2 gram). I then went to a treatment clinic that put me on methadone which was basically like the same high as heroin but it lasted longer. That eventually failed for me as well because the withdrawals after using methadone for months and then stopping were unbearable–way worse than just quitting heroin cold turkey. I wouldn’t recommend methadone to anyone.

I finally heard about Suboxone from a friend of mine who had success and got clean form using it. So I started to do research to get as much Suboxone information as I could to see if it was something that could possibly help me. At this point I was extremely frustrated and felt like Suboxone was my last chance or I would become a heroin addict for the rest of my life simply because I could not live without the high. My mind nor my body could handle the withdrawals long enough to get clean.

So I finally found a Suboxone doctor and had my initial consultation with him. He gave me all the information I was looking for and encouraged me to give Suboxone a chance. He initially put me on a 28 day Suboxone taper program where I started out taking a full strip per day the first week, then a half strip per day the second week, then a third of a strip per day the third week and the last few days of the treatment I was only taking about a fifth of a strip. When my Suboxone treatment was finally complete I have to admit I was scared for what was to come–the withdrawals that I was oh so familiar with.

To my surprise, the withdrawals were still present but nowhere near what they were from all the other times I tried to quit, they were actually manageable. The first few days after discontinuing my dose of Suboxone I felt a little achy but not that bad and then by day 3 and 4 I felt the cold chills and a little bit of restlessness, but again, it wasn’t that bad at all. I was actually able to function and get to sleep at night. It took about 7 days for me to get completely better and I had finally gotten my normal life back. It’s been over 9 months now since I finished my Suboxone treatment and I can proudly say I havn’t touched an opiate since then and my life is 100 times better than it was in my ugly, miserable heroin days.

From my personal experience, I would recommend Suboxone to anyone who is having problems with opiate addiction and who seriously wants to quit. You have to want to quit though. Because like I said, you will still have to battle mild withdrawals after the Suboxone treatment and if you don’t have a determined mindset, then you’ll probably just relapse (like many friends of mine). If you’re deep into opiates and have serious addiction problems, then Suboxone just might be the majical solution for you and your ticket back to your normal, happy, drug-free life. All I can say is that I was badly addicted to heroin and noting else ever worked for me until Suboxone. I don’t know how else to put it; Suboxone treatment saved my life!

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About the author: Jason Mears is a writer, blogger, musician, marketing director for a small start-up company in San Diego, CA, and former opiate addict. Jason co-founded SuboxoneInformation.org along with his good friend Chris Briggs as a way to help others break free from opioid dependence.

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One Response to "Does Suboxone Really Work? A Personal Testimonial"

  1. Sarah says:

    Cool story. I wish I could say the same about myself. I’ve been addicted to opiates for too long now and I’m really looking for a solution now. It’s just starting to screw with my life now too much and I know I have to get clean!!! I’m def. gonna look into Suboxone and see if it will work for me too. Thanks for sharing the information.

    -Sarah H.

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