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Suboxone Treatment Centers

Suboxone Treatment CentersIf you decide that Suboxone Treatment is right for you, then you will basically have two options. You can choose to go with an “out-patient” program where your doctor will prescribe you the Suboxone medication an give you a detailed tapering schedule to follow. Or you can choose to enroll yourself into a Suboxone Treatment Center. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these options.

Suboxone Treatment Center

Advantages: You’re guaranteed to follow the taper program since your Suboxone doses are closely managed and administered by the staff and doctors of the treatment center. This is important because sticking to the taper program is critical in order for the treatment to be successful and for you to get clean from opiates. Usually when an individual doesn’t follow the taper schedule, when they quit, the Suboxone Withdrawal symptoms are too bad (because they didn’t lower their dose enough) and they just go back to using opiates.

Another advantage is that you’re not alone. Some people would prefer to be alone; however, most people find it easier and more comforting when they are rehabilitating themselves with others who are going through the same problem. This can possibly increase your chances for success without relapse.

Disadvantages: The most obvious disadvantage to choosing the Suboxone Treatment Center option over the out-patient option is the cost. The most common programs offered by the treatment centers is a 28 day taper program. You will be in their facility for the entire 28 days. The cost for these programs depends on the location, the amenities offered, the doctors, and the quality of the facility, but the usually run between $5,000 and $20,000. Not too many people can afford these programs unless their family is willing to pitch in. Another disadvantage is a lack of freedom. When you’re in these facilities, you will be required to follow their rules. This may be easy to do for some, but for many people it is a big inconvenience (especially when you’re going through withdrawals).

Out-Patient Suboxone Treatment

Advantages: This option will cost you much less. The average cost for your initial doctor visit will range from $150 to $500 and then you will have to pay for the Suboxone prescription (some insurance polices may pay part or all of it). If you don’t have insurance, the cost to buy your prescription will be between $7 and $13 per pill or film strip and the normal prescription quantity that will be given to you by your doctor will be 60. So the minimum cost is $420 if you pick up the entire quantity at once and don’t use insurance (or your insurance doesn’t cover it–most insurance providers won’t cover this type of treatment). So your total cost of treatment will be around $700 to $1,000 which is much less that going to a Suboxone Treatment facility.

Another advantage is the freedom to go through treatment on your own terms from the comfort of your home. However, if you do this, you need to discipline yourself and stick to the tapering schedule given to you by your doctor.

Disadvantages: this option allows you to control your own Suboxone doses so it can be easy to take more than directed or fail to make your prescription last as long as it’s suppose to. If you take too much throughout your treatment and fail to taper down, this can lead you to having serious Suboxone Withdrawal symptoms after your treatment is over which can cause you to relapse. It’s recommended to take the Suboxone Film over the pills because it’s easier to keep track of your doses and cut off smaller and smaller pieces of the strips over time (the pills tend to crumble and they make it harder to be exact with your doses).

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